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$125 million worth Charles Leclerc had to shut down his dream fashion project; reveals his future entrepreneurial plans

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Charles Leclerc is gradually becoming one of the prominent drivers in F1. The Monegasque last year had a narrow window to clinch the championship. But he failed against the dominance of Max Verstappen.

Nevertheless, he managed to keep Sergio Perez behind him in the standings and become the runner-up in the championship. Ever since his debut with Ferrari, the Monegasque has only attracted popularity with his skills and even managed to dethrone Sebastian Vettel as the top driver in the Italian team.

Apart from his race craft, his commercial appeal propelled Ferrari to give him a five-year contract extension in 2019. The longest agreement any driver has signed with them in their history. Even Michael Schumacher never got this lengthy contract with them.

Moreover, he is the brand ambassador of Armani. Leclerc has the world under his feet. Now, he boasts a net worth of $125 million. Out of this, he tried to invest in an ambitious project, but unfortunately, it didn’t work.

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Charles Leclerc talks about CLACE

In 2019, Leclerc announced a brand new fashion brand CLACE. The initial two letters of the brand name signify his actual name, Charles Leclerc. He promised to produce clothes made of eco-friendly materials to replace what was previously made of plastic.

However, hir project never took off, as revealed by him, but he didn’t tell the reason behind it. However, he says that he will surely try to get into the venture again in the future.

He could make a comeback with the name CLACE only. But it’s not sure. But surely his fans would be eager to have some apparel from his brand in their closet.

Taking advice from the best

Lewis Hamilton is one of the biggest names in F1, and after amassing endless wealth in F1, he has opened his own clothing brand by the name of +44.

Leclerc has admitted that he often takes fashion advice from Hamilton due to his keen interest in this business. Considering the seven-time world champion reaches F1 weekends in the most distinctive outfits, he is at the right point to get the guidance.

Even Daniel Ricciardo has his fashion brand now, and once Harry Styles was spotted having a cloth from his brand. Considering F1 has got a massive surge of young fans in recent years. This venture seems to be the most promising to sustain their lives after F1.

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