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Bengals continue ‘Herd Hierarchy’ rule entering Super Wild Card Weekend

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Things are about to get wild in the NFL.

And for the squads that comprise the league’s annual (Super) Wild Card Weekend slate, playing their cards right is of the utmost importance.

It’s win or go home time, and with the postseason right around the corner, Colin Cowherd returned with a special playoff-themed edition of his weekly “Herd Hierarchy” rankings. Here’s who “The Herd” host included in his top 10, along with some insights from Fox Bet

Herd Hierarchy: Giants leap in, Jaguars make climb in Colin’s top 10

10. Minnesota Vikings (Last week: 10)

Overall record: 12-4 | Last week: Vikings won 29-13 vs. Chicago Bears

Colin’s thoughts: “Their defense is gross, and I think they’re going to lose to the New York Giants. Only team to win 13-plus games with.a negative points differential. Defense is awful, but they’ve had eight game-winning drives. That’s a thing, it is important. I just don’t trust this team.”

Championship odds: +2500

Up next: Vikings vs. Giants (4:30 p.m. ET Sunday, FOX)

9. New York Giants (Not ranked)

Overall record: 9-7-1 | Last week: Giants lost 22-16 vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Colin’s thoughts: “[They are] 8-4-1 in one-possession games, and what Brian Daboll has done is elected to use Daniel Jones’ legs as well as his arm. Daniel Jones is only the 13th player in league history to have 3,000-plus passing yards and 700-plus rushing yards.”

Championship odds: +5500

Up next: Giants @ Vikings (4:30 p.m. ET Sunday, FOX)

8. Los Angeles Chargers (8)

Overall record: 10-7 | Last week: Chargers lost 31-.28 vs. Denver Broncos

Colin’s thoughts: “I don’t know if I like them if Mike Williams doesn’t play. Their rushing defense, like the Vikings, is an issue. [Justin] Herbert can often be sitting on the sidelines watching a game because they can’t get the ball back. But Justin Herbert through three seasons — with a lot of coaching question marks — has the most passing yards and most total TDs by any player in league history. They don’t have an identity — what they have is a remarkable talent at quarterback.”

Championship odds: +1800

Up next: Chargers at Jaguars (8:15 p.m. ET Saturday, NBC)

7. Dallas Cowboys (5)

Overall record: 12-5 | Last week: Cowboys lost 26-6 vs. Washington Commanders

Colin’s thoughts: “Great individual players, I’m not sure that they have a unit that’s great. The only team though to rank top-five in scoring offense and scoring defense. … Four of the Cowboys’ five losses, it should be noted, have been on the road. So when they’re forced to be uncomfortable, they don’t play great.”

Championship odds: +1400

Up next: Cowboys at Buccaneers (8:15 p.m. ET Monday, ABC)

6. Jacksonville Jaguars (7)

Overall record: 9-8 | Last week: Jaguars lost 20-16 vs. Tennessee Titans

Colin’s thoughts: “I really like the Jaguars. I’ve liked them for a while. For a young team, they take advantage of things given to them. Trevor Lawrence, since Week 9, leads the NFL in passer rating. They’re on a five-game winning streak. Let’s be honest about this team: They’re not going to win the Super Bowl … [but] here they come.”

Championship odds: +5000

Up next: Jaguars vs. Chargers (8:15 p.m. ET Saturday, NBC) 

5. Philadelphia Eagles (6)

Overall record: 14-3 | Last week: Eagles won 22-16 vs. New York Giants

Colin’s thoughts: “If Lane Johnson was playing at right tackle, I’d have them higher. … I do worry, Jalen Hurts banged up, Lane Johnson banged up, Josh Sweat banged up on the D-line. They’ve just got a lot of injuries. And what is happening now, this team in the last nine games has turned it over 16 times. You remember the first eight games? They never turned it over.”

Championship odds: +500

Up next: Philadelphia will play the worst of the remaining four NFC seeds following Wild Card Weekend.

4. Buffalo Bills (4)

Overall record: 13-3 | Last week: Bills won 35-23 vs. New England Patriots

Colin’s thoughts: “What concerns me: Brian Daboll leaves, and Josh Allen is back to making too many mistakes. This team had 27 giveaways this year. Only the Colts and the Texans had more, and they were awful at quarterback. And Josh Allen had 19 giveaways and five red zone INTs. … He’s making too many mistakes. The margins are tight in the playoffs, and I think a red zone mistake will undo this team in January or early February.”

Championship odds: +400

Up next: Bills vs. Dolphins (1:00 p.m. ET Sunday, CBS)

3. San Francisco 49ers

Overall record: 13-4 | Last week: 49ers won 38-13 vs. Arizona Cardinals

Colin’s thoughts: “A rookie quarterback has never led a team to a Super Bowl appearance. … They’re the most talented team. They’re on a 10-game winning streak. No. 1 scoring offense since Brock Purdy took over. … I don’t know exactly what he is. Here’s what I know: Every unit has a Pro Bowler. … The Chiefs can’t say that, the Bills can’t say that, the Bengals can’t say that.”

Championship odds: +550

Up next: Seahawks @ 49ers (4:30 p.m.ET Saturday, FOX) 

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Overall record: 14-3 | Last week: Chiefs won 31-13 vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Colin’s thoughts: “Their three losses are by a total of 10 points. They’re situationally great. They’re clever, they made everybody mad doing ring around the rosy. Their defense with [Steve Spagnuolo] depends on the matchup. I do think the greatest stat in professional football in America now is that [Patrick] Mahomes is 16-0 on the road against divisional opponents. That’s the craziest thing in the world.”

Championship odds: +320

Up next: Chiefs will play the worst of the remaining four AFC seeds following Wild Card Weekend.

1. Cincinnati Bengals

Overall record: 12-4 | Last week: Bengals won 27-16 vs. Baltimore Ravens

Colin’s thoughts: “By an inch. I do think they match up with Kansas City well. … Suddenly since Week 15, they can’t rush the football because they’re O-line’s banged up. So they’re becoming a little dependent on [Joe] Burrow, which worries me. … I worry about the erosion of their run game, averaging 60 yards running over the last three games. It concerns me, and not just a little.”

Championship odds: +750

Up next: Ravens at Bengals (8:15 p.m. ET Sunday NBC)

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