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Charles Jeffrey And Francesco Risso On Friendship, Fashion, And Debuting In Milan

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 13 Jan 2023 06:46 AM / No Comments / 4 views


Francesco, knowing that you’ll, of course, be in attendance at the show, what are you looking forward to seeing the most at Charles’ Milanese debut?

FR: I want to be slapped! But Charles does that to me all the time with his shows anyway.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from one another so far?

FR: Charles’s courage is something that I’m always extremely drawn to—he appears to have multiple personality disorder, and I think I might have that, too.

CJ: To have more fun! And to be completely lost in my own world. Francesco is a poet and a total dreamer—he’s someone I aspire to become more like, because I want to be that free.

Charles, why have you chosen to show in Milan this season, and, without giving too much away, what can we look forward to?

CJ: I felt like there’s a hole in the Milan space that I could really fit in—there’s something about me, being Scottish and having my background, cutting my teeth in this industrial, working class city. Additionally, there’s the obvious roots in classism and tailoring, which deeply resonate with me. In terms of the collection, it feels more poetic and full of love than ever before, which involves a range of stories coming together that feel serendipitous. Watch this space.

Behind the scenes from the Charles Jeffrey Loverboy shoot. 


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