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Madison Cawthorn Left Office Without Turning Over Constituent Requests – Rolling Stone

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Rep. Chuck Edwards is asking constituents to contact his office after Cawthorn and his staff failed to transfer requests 

Former North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn has reportedly left Congress without passing on constituent requests and casework initiated during his tenure to his successor, Rep. Chuck Edwards. Edwards, a Republican, ousted Cawthorn from his seat in a primary challenge following a series of scandals that wreaked havoc on Cawthorn’s public image.

Edwards issued a public call on his website earlier this week asking “anyone with outstanding or unfinished casework to please get in touch with his office,” indicating that Cawthorn’s staff had not transferred the information despite it being regarded as standard practice. “Repeated attempts to reach Congressman Cawthorn and his staff were made over the past month, but no response or action was provided,” the release read. 

The deadline for the transfer to be authorized expired in December. 

Cawthorn’s career collapsed under the weight of a series of scandals, gaffes, and general displays of incompetence. Perhaps most notably, Cawthorn during a March podcast appearance described D.C. as riddled with “sexual perversion” and claimed to have been invited to orgies by his colleagues, some of whom were regularly doing key bumps in front of him. Cawthorn attempted to walk back the claim after a harsh admonishment from House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and members of the GOP caucus, saying he may have “exaggerated” a bit. The same spring, Cawthorn was charged with driving without a license and caught trying to bring a gun through airport security for the second time since taking office.


Cawthorn fudging the truth a little, or a lot, was not far-fetched given his track record. An investigation by The Washington Post revealed that the diehard Trump supporter lied about having lost his acceptance into the Naval Academy after a car crash left him paralyzed from the waist down. The institution had actually rejected Cawthorn before the crash ever took place. The former congressman also claimed to have “declared dead” following the crash, despite an accident report indicating that he was “incapacitated.” 

Former constituents, lobbyists, and anyone else looking to finalize their business with Cawthorn won’t find him mingling with the good people of North Carolina. They’d need to book a flight to Florida, where Cawthorn has set up residence


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