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RFID-Blocking Bifold, Tactical, Money Clip Wallets – Rolling Stone

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If you’re still carrying around a traditional wallet, stuffing it into your pocket as it grows thicker with cards, cash, and receipts, it might be time to switch to a metal wallet. The best metal wallets offer a bunch of advantages over the traditional leather or fabric wallets we’ve been using for decades, and it’s a welcome change. Ready to upgrade your card carrier this season? Here’s what you should know about picking out a new metal wallet.

Metal Wallet Buying Guide

Here’s what to look for when making the switch to a new metal wallet:

Durability: Probably the most obvious advantage of a metal wallet is its durability. These are significantly tougher than leather and fabric, and far less likely to wear out or break down over time. Not only does that mean it can stand up to all sorts of drops and damage, but also that it’ll last for years to come.

Security: Another key advantage of metal wallets is their security. Compared with traditional wallets, these are much more difficult to pickpocket, and also provide protection against RFID (radio-frequency identification) skimming. By having a metal casing, your credit cards and other sensitive information are less likely to be stolen by hackers using RFID-scanning devices, guarding your personal information and data.

Style: There’s a lot under the “metal” umbrella. These wallets are made from an array of high-quality metals like stainless steel or titanium, which along with the other advantages over fabric wallets, give them a sleek and modern look. They also come in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes, so you can choose a wallet that matches your personal preference and holds the amount of stuff that you’re used to carrying.

Size: More good news for your pockets: Metal wallets are generally smaller and thinner than traditional wallets, which makes them far more convenient to carry. But if you’re someone who still needs to hold a wad of cash or cards, or keep receipts for business travel, go for a larger size. You’ll find that even the bigger ones are still organized and sleek.


Price: While metal wallets can be noticeably more expensive than traditional wallets, the upside is their long lifespan, which may make them a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

What Are the Best Metal Wallets?

We found the best new metal wallets to hold all your cards, cash, and receipts.

1. BIIGELL Aluminum Metal Money Clip

Slim and secure, this tough wallet is crafted from aluminum alloy, keeping it light while still strong. An ID card slot on the outside is especially convenient for swiping into an office or subway, and the elastic webbing lets you squeeze in up to 15 cards as it safely stretches and retains its grip. These aren’t just for pockets either – the clip on the back makes it easy to slap this onto belts, backpacks, and keychains.

BIIGELL Slim Aluminum Metal Money Clip with Clear window

Buy BIIGELL Aluminum Metal Money Clip $20.76

2. Extremus Tactical Wallet

The Extremus X is a tough and stylish metal wallet that features a unique “V” notch design for easy card insertion and removal. It includes RFID-blocking technology to protect against scanning devices, and it has a three-side expansion to hold up to 24 cards. It’s constructed with lightweight and durable materials, and the slim design makes it ideal for anyone looking for a  wallet that’s both functional and fashionable.

Extremus Tactical Wallet, Carbon Fiber

Buy Extremus Tactical Wallet

3. Travando Wallet with Money Clip

 If you’ve constantly got lots of cards, this wallet is perfect for carrying them all (as well as cash). The wallet is tested by an independent German quality-control institute, ensuring that it blocks RFID scanners and protects against data theft. The metal money clip allows you to hold several bills inside, while the design combines elegance, quality, and convenience. It’s also slim and compact, ensuring it fits in your pocket without any bulk.

TRAVANDO Mens Slim Wallet with Money Clip

Buy Travando Wallet with Money Clip

4. Muradin Tactical Bifold Wallet

Muradin’s wallet is one of its new designs that was created based on what customers had to say and suggest. The result is a tactical wallet that also makes it easy to take out cards, complete with RFID-blocking protection due to its metal frame. It’s an excellent travel wallet and card holder, and is able to fit smoothly into a front pocket. The frame is made of aviation-level aluminum material and a sleek design, and features a spring lock that snaps open and shut for quickly accessing up to 12 cards and cash.

MURADIN Mens Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallet

Buy Muradin Tactical Bifold Wallet $36.89


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