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Rideable Carry-Ons, Luggage 2023 – Rolling Stone

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If you’ve ever been in a panicking rush to get to your plane’s departing gate on time, you know the feeling: sprinting through the airport, darting through crowds, and (hopefully) arriving, sweaty and out of breath and ready to go home even if your trip’s just beginning. The solution? It might be time to upgrade your luggage with the best scooter suitcases.

You’ll find a variety of styles of luggage out there, from rideable versions to motorized models. No matter which one you go with, these rideable, scooter-style suitcases ease travel anxiety a little by utilizing what’s already there: wheels. By adding a scooter frame and handles, you’re now able to scoot or ride your way to the gate (or classes), maneuvering around obstacles and getting there faster (and less sweaty).

But what about navigating through crowds and taking your scooter-style suitcase through airport security? We’ve broken down everything you need to look for when purchasing the best scooter suitcase for you below.

Scooter Suitcase Buying Guide

From their design to their storage and durability, here’s what we considered when picking out the best scooter suitcases to buy for your next trip.

Folding: Your luggage will need to fold up fast and easily, for things like stuffing it in an overhead bin, packing into a crowded tram, or sending it through the security machines. Fortunately, most of the best scooter-style suitcases fold up by different mechanisms like a designated button.

Control: Steering might be one of the most important features to consider, especially if you’re traveling through a crowded train station or airport. A scooter-suitcase that has around 120 degrees of steering capability should be enough to weave your way through people, carefully, but keep in mind that the weight distribution won’t be like riding a regular scooter, as you’ll be carrying an extra bunch of stuff on the front end, which may take some getting used to before your trip.


Storage: It may sound obvious, but don’t forget about the suitcase part. A built-in scooter is a fun, faster way to get around, but if it can’t hold the amount of stuff you want to pack, or is made with sub-par parts and can’t stand up to rough travel, the novelty may not be worth it in the end. A suitcase with a 50-liter capacity should be enough to hold a few days worth of clothes and supplies, but for a lengthy trip, go bigger. Having the suitcase part be removable is also convenient as well when you want to disconnect it for storage or security.

Extras: Around 18 inches should be enough for the average foot size to fit on the scooter part, and an aluminum/magnesium frame is ideal for keeping it lightweight. Be sure to check out the total weight limit as well, for both your luggage and yourself, to make sure the unit’s frame can handle it.

1. Rydebot Puledro Motorized Suitcase

With a 100-watt electric motor and lithium battery, this cruises at 5 mph, enough to comfortably navigate through a campus or airport, with simple forward and reverse controls. It comes with two USB charging ports to fuel up your devices, and the unit’s frame can hold up to 220 pounds. Plus, the battery is removable when going through airport security.

Buy Rydebot Puledro Motorized Suitcase $769.00

2. Generic (Brand) Scooter Luggage

Whether you’re jetting through the airport or from class to class, this maneuverable scooter-suitcase works for both kids and adults alike. The weight capacity is 331 pounds, with 50 liters of space inside and five compartments to stay organized. The 120-degree steering provides enough control to avoid collisions, and one button folds the unit down when you’ve arrived. 

Buy Generic (Brand) Scooter Luggage

3. Lantsun Smart Riding Suitcase

Lantsun’s solid suitcase is made with an aviation-grade aluminum frame – strong, sleek, and supportive. Thanks to its design, you can switch effortlessly between scooter mode and suitcase mode, for when your surroundings are too crowded to ride around, or wheeling it normally is just easier. A TSA luggage-lock features a special key to open it during the security process, along with a battery that’s quick to disassemble. The built-in lighting system, meantime, also makes this extra dazzling to use at night (with two USB outputs for additional device charging).

Buy Lantsun Smart Riding Suitcase $739.90


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