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Taiwan’s social safety NET | Taiwan News

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — NET, a well-known local fashion retailer, held its annual charity event today (Jan. 8), distributing NT$16.8 million worth of gift vouchers enabling a private shopping spree for underprivileged families.

A NET retail shop in Huwei was closed to the public, allowing 300 underprivileged people to try on and select clothing of their choosing. Three children in one family made it a point to save some of their gift vouchers for their mother to select warm winter clothing.

A 17-year-old high school student surnamed Chang (張) said his mother is outstanding and always looked after the three children as they wanted her to first choose some clothing of her liking.

Another shopper, a 13-year-old boy, accompanied by his grandmother, specially traveled to Huwei for the private shopping session. His grandmother said new clothes were a necessity as he has grown from 130 cm to 150 cm in the blink of an eye after entering junior high school.

Staff at Yunlin’s Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (CCF) said that Huang Wenzhen 黃文貞 the 84-year-old chairman of NET, is from Dongshi Township, Yunlin County. For the past 13 consecutive years, before the Lunar New Year, the store has been closed to the public to allow disadvantaged families to enter the venue to choose new clothes.

In the first decade of such philanthropy, the store gave away NT$10.5 million (US$350,000) to NT$16.8 million (US$550,000) due to the COVID pandemic over the past three years. The distribution has benefited 21 support centers operated by the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families.

Liao Chih-wen, Director of Yunlin’s CCF center, said that NET hasn’t stopped caring for disadvantaged children throughout the COVID pandemic. The annual closing of NET stores is a day that many eagerly look forward to ahead of the Lunar New Year.


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