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“The Wives Should’ve Called You Out to Spar” – as Female UFC Hopeful OnlyFans Model Gets Expelled From Gym, Fans React in Hilarious Fashion

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OnlyFans has grown substantially popular ever since the pandemic hit the world. And since then, it has become a primary source of income for many individuals. The platform has managed to change some people for good, making them an immense fortune. So much so that there are some personalities who’ve managed to rake in millions, solely from their OnlyFans accounts.

But as good of a source of income, as it is, it comes with its own sets of challenges. For instance, a UFC aspirant OnlyFans model, Alice Ardelean, who is also a pro fighter, was barred entry to the gym when the wives of the gym members raised their objections to her presence there. And the MMA community has reflected on this news by putting forth their own point of view on the incident. And they happen to be as diverse as it gets.

The 30-year-old model spoke to Daily Star on the incident and said, “It was just embarrassing. It was like, shut up, I am not here to take your man. This is just my job and I’m not interfering with your job. It’s not my fault if your husband was on my OnlyFans or not.”


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Fans stand fragmented over the news of the UFC aspirant OnlyFans model getting kicked out of the gym

Alice Ardelean is a pro fighter who is on a five-match winning streak in her professional career and is gearing up for the world title in March in South Africa. But her saucy side hustle played a hindrance in her preparation as she was expelled from the gym following the complaints from her fellow gym members’ wives. And this news has elicited all kinds of reactions from MMA fans.


Some fans defend her for living life the way she wants, wherein some have called her out to face the consequences of her own actions.

Check out how the fans reacted to this bizarre news that made headlines:

There’s a section of people who defended her and blamed the others who have a problem with her:

“If you trust your husband than it shouldn’t be a problem. Just saying it’s kind of ridiculous to cause drama over something and mess with someone’s everyday life. Those wives need to grow up!!!!!!”

“Oh FFS not really her problem is it that’s the wives issue. Looks very bad on the gym as well”

“Imagine hating someone for looking healthy, and blaming them for their husbands actions, totally makes sense”

While others charged her for picking a course of action that had unfavorable consequences::

“For every action there’s a reaction. Good,bad,negative, positive. As adults we know these things going in to the things we chose.”

“You made the bed, now lay in it, especially when you sacrifice morality for money”

“Relax killa!!!! I mean when you lose your dignity, I would imagine you would think people are looking at you lol, called a guilty conscience!”

“Don’t act a certain way if you can’t handle the label that comes with it.”

Wherein this one fan offered quite a distinct solution to the problem:

“The wives should’ve called you out to spar and then went  on you

Despite the setback, the 30-year-old MMA fighter is thankful for her racy modeling work, which she credits for helping her train and prepare better for her fighting career and will lead her to her hopeful career in the UFC.

Can OnlyFans serve as the gateway to the UFC?


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Compared to the minuscule £600 she used to make while working as a security officer, Alice Ardelean now makes up to £10,000 with her saucy side hustle. And her world title fight in March will determine the course of the Romanian mixed martial artist’s hoped-for UFC career. Furthermore, Ardelean claimed that her earnings from OnlyFans are solely responsible for her ability to compete well in the cage and acquire the finest nutrition and training.

Ardelean stated, “In reality the only reason why I was doing OnlyFans was to be able to pay for my training, nutritionist and gym equipment every day.”


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What do you make of the action taken against her by the gym? Was it fair by any means? Let us know in the comments below.

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