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Who needs pants when tights are fashion’s hottest new trend?

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 10 Jan 2023 03:20 AM / No Comments / 5 views


PARIS, Jan 10 — As strange and surprising as it may sound, walking down the street in underwear is the latest fad among many celebrities, fearless of the cold and of standing out.

A simple picture of Kendall Jenner has turned this new fashion obsession into a real trend on social networks, to the point of becoming a major inspiration this new year.

Are celebrities intent on turning up the heat this winter? With temperatures already particularly mild, the season seems warm enough to encourage some stars to undress, skipping some basic and yet no less essential fashion items.

Visibly, dresses, skirts and pants are out. So much so that many celebrities seem to have banished them from their wardrobes, stepping out directly in panties or tights. Such is the craziest new trend of the moment.

It is to Kendall Jenner that we owe this new fashion fixation, which only seems moderately inclusive, as we’re sure you will agree. It appears to have been sparked by a simple picture on Instagram. In it, the American supermodel poses wearing tights, worn over panties that can clearly be seen, despite the opacity of the said hosiery.

This ensemble is worn with a pair of heels with pointed toes, and a classic black sweater. If the photo seems to have been taken at home, or at least indoors, pictures have also circulated showing the star in an identical outfit outside. All of which is mind-boggling, but nevertheless at the cutting-edge of current fashion trends.

In any case, it didn’t take any more than that to turn a mere fashion fad into a full-blown trend. No less than seven million likes later, Kendall Jenner’s outfit has been copied all over the world.

Moreover, Google searches for the terms ‘Kendall Jenner tights’ soared (+806 per cent) just a few days after the star posted her photo, according to data shared by the fashion retailer Pour Moi.

And yet, it is not really the American model who initiated this trend, but one of her sisters, Kylie Jenner, in the middle of Paris Fashion Week.

At the end of September, with Paris Fashion Week at its height, the youngest of the Kardashian clan also stepped out without pants, wearing a simple pair of opaque tights, coupled with white panties and a top, and a long coat.

An outfit that she also posted on social networks — of course — accompanied by the message “no pants, no problem.” Straight to the point.

And while this post did not have the same success as that of her sister Kendall, it no doubt contributed to the rise of this fashion trend that’s as bold as it is surprising.

As a result, on TikTok, the ‘no pants’ inspiration already has a wealth of followers, with no less than 50 million views for the dedicated hashtag. It abounds with outfits in which pants — or any other seemingly essential garment — have clearly become an option.

Whether it’s about drumming up hype, or setting the tone as true fashion icons, many influencers have followed suit in sharing their own no pants looks, with tights and other underwear items as their only form of cover.

Still, it’s hard to imagine this bold trend making much headway beyond catwalks and red carpets. — ETX Studio


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